Vega-Extra-Strong-120 JAQUAR

Vega-Extra-Strong-120 COBRA

Super M Power

Super MX Power

Super M Power


Super M Power

Lasvegas Power

Super M Power
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Magayatri has been designed to provide their customers with all the latest information and the ability to purchase all different brands of erectile dysfunction products which are on the market.

Magayatri specialises in supplying quality assured generic medicines manufactured by different branded. The medicines are clinically tested to ensure they are the same as the branded equivalent. We're proud to have thousands of happy customers who order from us time after time because they know they can rely on us. We only supply high quality and original products by Ajanta pharma, Cipla, Ranbaxy etc...

Our site offers more powerful features which make ordering easier. We have on our webshop an extensive product description which explains you all details like precautions, active ingredients and side affects of products. We create an overview table with all products to make it easier for the customer to select individual preferences.

We have toughened our security up to protect your important data and increased our anti-fraud measures making this one of the safest sites to purchase from. Magayatri takes your information very seriously, we respect your privacy.

Magayatri is a trusted Online health Pharmacy. Magayatri has the widest variety of reliable products to provide each individual with a personal solution. Our webshop offers many products that will solve your intimate problems and guarantee your successful performance. We will regain your self confidence and find the right solutions. Our supplements are developed to enhance your sexual performance and to fulfill your desires. Selection of our remedies have been proven effective for treating erectile dysfunction. Multiple options of quality products, provide you with the best choices. We are offering the simplest medical treatments possible to solve erection problems. A complete range of latest products, reliable service and guaranteed discreet delivery.

Benefits of Magayatri Online Pharmacy
  • Largest selection of ED Medicines at Competitive Prices
    It's much cheaper. With money you spend usually, you can buy 2-3 times more tablets
  • Discrete delivery
    It's confidentially. Nobody knows what you bought Kamagra or a present for your wife. Shipments come in discrete unmarked packages
  • Quick response and fast delivery
    You don't have to leave home. Purchase will be quickly delivered right to your door
  • Best Quality products
    Nobody will disturb you. Read instruction for each product while sitting at your computer and select what you need
  • No shipping cost
    We are shipping for free by your order above 50 euro's
  • Free sample
    We send free sample by your order above 50 euro's
Product Name Type Packaging Product Image
Vega-Extra-Strong-120 JAQUAR Tablets Strip of 5 Tablets
Vega-Extra-Strong-120 COBRA Tablets Strip of 5 Tablets
Super M Power Tablets Strip of 7 Tablets
Super MX Power Tablets Strip of 7 Tablets
Super M Power Tablets Strip of 5 Tablets
Lasvegas Tablets Strip of 5 Tablets
Super M Power Tablets Strip of 4 Tablets
Lasvegas Power Tablets Strip of 5 Tablets
Super M Power Tablets Strip of 7 Tablets
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