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Taj Mahal - Agra
Do You Have :
  • Food lodgement in between your teeth?
  • Sensitivity (sensation) of teeth to hot or cold liquids or foods?
  • Pain/sensation in teeth on having something sweet?
  • Pain in teeth on chewing/eating anything or applying pressure?
If yes then you could have decay/cavity/caries

If a small amount of food debris is left in your teeth, the bacteria which are present in the mouth react with the food. As a result, acid is produced. This acid starts dissolving out the tooth leading to decay/cavity/ caries or a hole in the tooth.
It is best to get the tooth checked at this stage :
This would involve a short visit to the dentist and the problem is resolved by getting a filling in the tooth with a white tooth coloured material [cosmetic /composite filling]. If ignored, the cavity becomes bigger, penetrates the top layer(enamel), middle layer(dentine) to reach and infect the nerve of the tooth. It is now beyond the filling stage.

White Filling

Teeth whitening and teeth bleaching are most popular dental treatments world wide for a beautiful smile.

Our dentists provide tooth whitening treatment at reasonable rates.

Tooth whitening treatment / bleaching of teeth is safe and has no side effects.

Before Whitning

After Whitning

Nerve / Root Canal Treatments
Crown and Bridges
Cosmetic Dentistry
Scaling / Cleaning of Teeth
Dentures: Partial and Complete
Braces / Orthodontist Treatment
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